Run / Safe space / Run.

I feel safe with you, confident with you. I have made myself welcome in a space that does not belong to me. The thought of evacuating sets off a profusion of alarms on the inside of me? I think it’s best I stay. The alarms ring again. This time trying their hardest to prove [...]

Time’s up.

Always remember, there was a time when I only wanted you  but you were pre-occupied, Fixing what wasn't broken,  Fixing what didn't matter  I understand, "I messed up, I realise" I understand, but you too must understand that A woman like me does not sit in one place for too long  A woman like me [...]

Lagos in April ’19.

As the countdown to the Easter weekend begins, I've decided to share another one of my playlists with you guys! Easter weekend has slowly become one of my favourite holiday periods in Lagos as there’s now so much to look forward to. From Arise to Homecoming, to Gidifest, pop-ups and the numerous comedy shows (if [...]