Don’t get it twisted.

So ever since the video of Solange hitting her brother in law (jay z) became viral, I have seen soo many disturbing tweets so I felt I should address the topic or rather issue that is 'gender inequality'. According to Wikipedia, 'Gender inequality' refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. [...]

Do you like my bod?

The fat girl cries in class because she was just told that she was basically what she was; fat. Why was she crying? Was it because someone told her she was fat when that is in fact what she is? Now I see no reason for her to cry because she was basically giving them [...]

269 to 234

“ Um Akin please what’s the exchange rate from pounds to Naira”“269”“alright. Thanks” The above was a conversation between two of my bosses during my work experience about two weeks ago. Obviously I was eavesdropping as I was interested in knowing what the exchange rate was because I had hoped it would have dropped from the [...]