Sensitively, me.

I used to battle my emotions with even more emotions I would turn my eyes into buckets of tears because when I hurt, the pain is outstandingly more than suffering a violent punch to the heart and when I love, I feel a thousand and one emotions at a time I feel in a thousand [...]

End. / Wake.

One day I woke up Without the urge to hear your voice My mind completely detangled from thoughts of you I no longer cared: To be your motivation; To be the spinal cord to your dreams and aspirations I no longer cared to hear you cry About misguided plans and female fans I would no [...]

Picks of the month: 1

Hey lovelies! So I decided to start a segment on the blog about my favourite creative picks of the month and also tell you guys why I love them so much, so without much ado, here are my top three. 23rd Economic Summit Dike Chukwumerije  stood on the podium at the 23rd economic Summit of Nigeria [...]


I lay, as the moon almost quickly regrets its existence and fades into oblivion and soon enough the sun takes it's place I still lay there and for the first time in a long time i was at peace with my own solitude I still ~ lay there and in the days to come I [...]


At the dead of the night I struggle with quotidian thoughts of you, as my Nigeria and me, Cameroon The trivial thought of you existing in the same space as me triggers hormones in my ocular area The prospect of waiting six weeks till we can feel, till we are one molests me at night eerie [...]

soul train

Train rides make my heart ache As the train accelerates my heart succeeds, beating the train as if running a marathon Train rides make me remember that I'm lonely That it's just me, moving, accelerating Train rides remind me that the train moves in its own lane with no one chasing after it Train rides [...]