Run / Safe space / Run.

I feel safe with you,

confident with you.

I have made myself welcome

in a space that does not belong to me.

The thought of evacuating

sets off a profusion of alarms

on the inside of me?

…so I think it’s best I stay.

The alarms ring again.

This time trying their hardest to prove to me that they ring from the outside

that they ring begging me to leave,

telling me to run.

The alarms, almost like a group of innocent prisoners yelling to be set free

beg me to come to them

to face the things I so desperately run from

to face solitude

to face me.

I’ve always thought you set my heart on fire,

I should have known you would eventually light my heart ablaze.

I’ve made out of you,

a safe space.

A dangerous place, a safe space.

2 thoughts on “Run / Safe space / Run.

  1. Many of us be saying it’s our safe space but it’s actually just our comfortable place. Its “safe” solely because it’s comfortable not because it’s actually safe. This poem so beautifully highlights that paradox that many of us face internally

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