Picks of the month : Artist find.

This month I discovered someone who has easily become one of my favourite artists. He is a singer, songwriter and guitar player from Guyana called Juke Ross. I have tried again and again to explain what kind of music Ross makes but each time I try, I fall short of words. Ross’ voice holds an enormous amount of ¬†allure that immediately uplifts your soul. It is however his mind-boggling ability to convey all of one’s thoughts, feelings and desires into 3 minute melodies that I admire the most.

In ‘Hey Lil’ Mama’ which might just be my favourite, he sends a message to his ex-lover, wishing her well, explaining that although he does think of her and hope she one day gets to experience the world like he now has the opportunity to do; he has no regrets about their break up and is in fact happy with the fact that they “cruised apart”. It is the complex simplicity in the message; singing to the glory of failed love that is so remarkable to me.

For me, the song explains that it is normal, in fact human to miss someone, we must however recognise when it is time to let go and understand that although we may try to love someone in the best way we know how to, we must be comfortable with the fact that sometimes, things just don’t last.

Other singles by Juke include ‘Fresh Roses’, ‘Crazy Love’ and ‘Colour me’ which is his first studio single. Colour me is also part of his EP ‘Grey’ which includes my other favourite ‘Keep you dry’ but I’ll stop talking now so you can all go and listen to the beauty that is Juke Ross.

Here are some videos of him I found on youtube. I’m obsessed.

Juke Ross – Fresh roses Acoustic version

Juke Ross – Colour me

His music can be found on Apple music, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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