Lagos in April ’19.

As the countdown to the Easter weekend begins, I’ve decided to share another one of my playlists with you guys!

Easter weekend has slowly become one of my favourite holiday periods in Lagos as there’s now so much to look forward to. From Arise to Homecoming, to Gidifest, pop-ups and the numerous comedy shows (if that’s your thing).

Just like in December in Lagos, chances are you’re going to need a mad ass playlist to not only put you in the best mood for a night out, but get you through the very likely traffic to your destination(s) and in fact, one that’ll make you confident enough to control the aux. I mean, who doesn’t like being the plug?

The playlist only has new(ish) stuff on it so if you’re looking for jams released earlier that you can still pop off to this weekend, then my December in Lagos playlist should be your go to.

What I love the most about this playlist is that it consists of a number of different artists and a lot of my faves too like Dami Oniru, Moelogo; who recently dropped a beautiful and versatile project titled “Magic” and one of my recent favourites, “your boy Oxlade”, who by the way has the potential to be one of the biggest artists in Naij (making sure I say this on all my platforms so I can look back like “yeah, I been knew” 😭).

Anyway, I like to keep these pretty brief cause we all want to get to the music.

So here you go, from me to you, My Lagos in April playlist.

With love,

Funmi xx

P.S – I plan on updating this playlist throughout the week, so download to stay updated. xx

Also, for my Spotify faves, i’ll sort this out for you as soon as I can. xx

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