In 2019, I promise me.

I went into 2018 misplaced. For the first time, I went into a new year without any plans, any goals, nothing. I simply treated the 1st of January like any other day which is so unlike me…little did I know what 2018 had in store for me.

2018 turned out to be so amazing for me, I felt love like I never had before, I felt me like I never had before and God did it all.

So these are my promises to myself in 2019 as a result of everything 2018 taught me. ✨

1. I will demand straightforwardly how I want to be treated. If the person can’t handle it then they sure as hell can’t handle me.

2. I will not accommodate toxic people because of my fear of being alone but more importantly I will always remember that I am never alone.

3. No matter what it is that might come my way this year, I will not give up on God. He is real and He is working and He will come through for me.

4. I will always say positive things about myself. I have learnt that the people around me will always reaffirm the thoughts of myself that I express. So the more good things I express about me, the more good things grow on the inside of me.

5. I will speak things into existence.

6. I will cry out to God when I am weak and when I am strong and I will not fear who might be watching.

7. I will bask in the beauty of my emotions.

8. I will be unapologetically me and speak my mind always.

9. I will try, even though I might be afraid to, I will pray and I will do it, whatever it may be.

10. I will always live in the moment and be happy.

11. I will not find a place of rest that God did not provide.

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